New Members Class

New Members Class - In this course, new members are introduced to our ministry through various topics covered during a half day sessions generally held on Saturday. The believer’s relationship with the church is defined and solidified so that members feel they have a purpose and place in the ministry. Several of our leadership team teach and participate in the session, including our senior and associate pastors, Bishop Kelsey and Pastor Druscilla Lewis. New members enjoy a time of fellowship and receive informative information such as the history and background of Pacific Revival Center, details about our vision, how our church is governed, and how to get involved in the work of the ministry. New members receive a certificate of membership presented on New Members’ Sunday.

Other courses offered are “Laying A Foundation”, a course designed to give new believers a working knowledge of basic Christian doctrine, “Outreach and Evangelism” focuses on teaching members how to win souls and discover their life’s mission. Additional courses are offered through conferences and workshops that build on our vision to train and equip our members to minister the gospel to all nations